Roger Phillips was born in Devon, United Kingdom, and Carmela Arturi Phillips in Hampshire, United Kingdom. They have been together 22 years. In a romantic gesture, knowing how she loved them, Roger surprised Carmela with a birthday gift of three miniatures in 1997 to mark their imminent retirement from work. Although neither of them had ever collected anything before, this birthday gift subsequently turned into an almost full time occupation of studying, researching, photographing and collecting miniatures. Roger and Carmela are miniature advisors and Ambassadors to the W. R. Johnston Collection, Museum of Fine and Decorative Arts in Melbourne, Australia and have written many articles, curated several exhibitions and given lectures about miniatures. Last year they were invited to judge the Gold Bowl Award for the Royal Miniature Society, and were awarded Honorary Membership of the Society. The Dictionary of Miniature Painters: 1870-1970 is their third book. Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips have a blog,, and may be found on Facebook.

A Dictionary of Miniature Painters: 1870 -1970, by Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips

The third book on portrait miniatures by Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips, this dictionary lists over 2300 miniature painters working during the Revival period, with chapters focusing on miniaturists working in the late 19th century and the turn of the 20th century, and on the art of the photo-miniature. The book is 296 pages, including over 100 pages in full color, and an appendix of signatures and monograms. New information on artists is included.

An exhibition, "The Painted Face During the Age of Photography," will coincide with the release of the dictionary. Held at Philip Mould & Company in London from March 21-March 27, 2012, and selected from private collections, it is curated by art consultant and portrait miniature specialist Emma Rutherford. She says: "This is the first time an exhibition of portrait miniatures has been devoted to this period. Later miniatures, particularly those from the Edwardian period, have increased in value almost fourfold over the past ten years, with their particular aesthetic appealing to a wider audience. A book devoted to this neglected period is long overdue and I am sure will be a great academic resource as well as a thing of beauty."

The book is available for sale in the US from Christine Archibald, at In the UK and Europe the book is available directly from the authors, at, or from Philip Mould & Company, fine bookstores, and

ISBN: 978-2953662511


The Arturi Phillips Collection: A Catalogue of Portrait Miniatures, by Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips

This hardcover catalogue of an impressive portrait miniature collection features primarily British and Continental pieces, of over 130 artists, dating from 1588 to 2004. The book is 447 pages, with full-color photographs printed on art paper. Each miniature is showcased with a double-page spread, and the photographs include full-page enlargements to illustrate brushstrokes and signatures. The authors' target audience is collectors, and Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips discuss their collecting criteria, experiences in purchasing miniatures from auctions and dealers, techniques for photographing and documenting miniatures, and storage solutions. New information on later artists is also included. The authors also have a blog,, and may be found on Facebook.

The book is available for sale in the US from Christine Archibald. Please contact me for further information. In the UK and Europe the book is available from Thomas Heneage Art Books in London, at, or directly from the authors, at In Australia it is available from Armadale Antique Centre, at

ISBN 978-2-9536625-0-4.


A Thing Apart: Portrait Miniatures From The W.R. Johnston Collection, by Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips

The Johnston Collection contains an outstanding portrait miniature collection, including examples of the work of many of the great miniaturists of the late Georgian and Regency period. In a vividly illustrated book, the authors discuss the miniatures and the artistic techniques of the painters.

The Johnston Collection is a museum of fine and decorative art in East Melbourne, Victoria. The museum complex incorporates the house museum, Fairhall, as well as a gallery and reference library. The WR Johnston Trust was founded in 1986 as the result of a bequest by the late William Robert Johnston, a prominent 20th century antiques dealer, and collector of Georgian, Regency and Louis XV furniture, 18th and 19th century porcelain, and paintings ranging from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Today, the Collection incorporates over 1200 objects, and plays host to regular rearrangements and exhibitions. It is open to the public every weekday, with three tours per day.

The authors have limited copies available. The book may also be purchased directly from the Johnston Collection, at

ISBN: 978-0646456386

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